About us

You will have tons of fun with us for the whole day

Great pinball and arcade machines collection reaching back till the 1930s (the oldest machine made by Pamco was produced in 1936).

Our museum is located very close to Wawel and is situated in XV century historical cellar. Spreading over 300 square meters, our museum will entertain you with dozens of various pinball and arcade games. Unlimited free play on all the machines is included in the tickets' price - starting from almost hundred-year-old machines to the newest pinballs with an LCD screen.

Why should you visit?

Unique and varied collection!


Electromechnical flippers

All the mechanisms are controlled with electromagnets, solenoids, motors and physical switches, no electronics!


Solid State Pinballs

Widely understood electronics are used to control the machine - the creation of those machines was possible due to the invention of the transistor.


Vide games

Classical arcade machines, like Asteroids (dating back to 1979), Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Outrun, Metal Slugs and others. Full list here.


Bar with refreshments

Coffee, tea, carbonated drinks

Visit us

Visit us and see the whole collection. Discounts for children under 18 years old.